About Us

About LeaseSummary

At LeaseSummary, the journey began with a pivotal experience shared by a group of ambitious college students. A seemingly innocuous lease agreement contained hidden clauses that blindsided them with unexpected costs, leaving a lasting impact as they moved out. Recognizing the profound importance of through lease comprehension, LeaseSummary embarked on a mission to empower consumers. 

Fast forward a couple of years, and LeaseSummary was born from the collective determination to safeguard individuals from the pitfalls of lease agreements. Armed with the lessons learned from their own experiences, LeaseSummary set out to revolutionize the lease management space.

Our Mission

LeaseSummary’s mission is to protect and empower consumers by unraveling the complexities of leases, enabling informed decisions and protecting our customers from unforeseen consequences. We recognize that understanding equals empowerment.