LeaseSummary: Scan, Discover, Uncover Hidden Details In Your Lease

Gain clarity, peace of mind, and effortlessly uncover your hidden and general lease details with LeaseSummary’s AI-powered scanning tool.

Why Choose The Lease Summary Tool?


Life is unpredictable, don’t let your lease document be! By uncovering hidden details and potential risks, let us save you money down the road.


Our tool provides all general and hidden information in your lease, just as if a professional lawyer looked at it.


Don’t comb through lengthy lease documents. Let us save your valuable time by highlighting costly pitfalls.

User Friendly

Lease documents often contain confusing language. We make our documents easy for anyone to read.

What is the Lease Scanning Process?

Upload Your Lease Document

Begin by uploading your lease document to our platform. Simply drag and drop the file or select it from your device.


Lease Content Extraction

Sit back, relax, and grab a coffee. Let our technology scan, analyze, and extract all important information, loopholes, gray areas, and need to know information from your lease.


Review Your Lease Document Summary

Receive and examine all the crucial information in your lease summary.


Ask Specific Questions To The Lease Expert

LeaseSummary’s AI powered lease chatbot is designed to answer specific questions about your lease and will provide instant explanations and answers.


Export Your Lease Summary

Export your lease summary for future reference and ease of access. Choose from multiple different export options to cater to your needs.


Personalized Pricing Plans Suited to You

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For One-Time Lease Scanning

Perfect for users who only need to scan one lease document.



For Unlimited Lease Scanning and Access to the LeaseSummary Chatbot for Specific Lease Questions

Ideal for users who need to scan multiple lease documents and need to understand specific lease information.

Best Choice

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Premium Plan

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